Sunday, February 14, 2010

We Love the Olympics

The TV is on nonstop around here for the past couple of days--and I'm not minding a bit. In fact, I might make tonight's dinner a "TV picnic" (we're having taquitos, and those are pretty family-room friendly).

That's because the Olympics are on.

The other night, Big Brother had a couple of friends over to watch the opening ceremonies. Little Brother bounded up to his room and got his globe so he could figure out where the different countries were.  As each country marched into the arena, he was busy spinning the globe to look for it.

Last night we got to watch luge (fortunately, without any more graphic coverage of that unfortunate athlete's death on the luge track.  Come on, NBC, did you really have to show that--over and over--to my 7-year-old, not to mention the rest of us?  Show a little compassion for the athlete, his family and teammates, and your viewers!)

I'm waiting for more luge, as well as bobsled and skeleton.  My boys are watching the biathlon just now.

It's just so cool to see the best of the best from all over the world come together and compete.

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