Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Easily Pleased

Little Brother just finished his breakfast (maple-and-brown-sugar oatmeal). He came over and gave me a big hug, because I am the best oatmeal maker.

It's nice to know that all I need to do to make this little guy happy is boil water and shake a few sprinkles across the top of the oatmeal bowl.

I don't feel like I did all that much, but he's happy and his hug showed me that he's grateful. And it made me think that I could do more to show my gratitude when someone does something for me--not something extra, not even something extra nice, but just when something is done. When my husband comes home from a long day at work and then heads to the basement to work some more. When my kids get their chores done on time and without argument.

Just because it's routine or expected doesn't mean it doesn't deserve gratitude.

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