Thursday, June 25, 2009

Taste and See

As we do most Wednesdays, a few of us from the guitar choir got together last night at my house to practice Sunday's music.

We've had to learn a lot of new music in a short time. In the past year we have mastered three new Mass settings and at least 25 new hymns. And while I think it would have been nice if we could have eased into things a little more (like during Advent, when nearly every single piece we did was new to us), I will not argue that this hasn't been good for us.

It's gotten us together as a group, outside of Mass. Not everyone can make the practices, but there are always at least three of us here--and sometimes as many as eight. We have time to practice, time to chat, time to complain, time to reminisce, and time to laugh.

Never underestimate the benefits of taking time to laugh together.

Last night we learned a new song for this weekend: Tom Kendzia's "Lamb of God/Taste and See." It's got a beautiful and delicate melody and it works well on guitars (and, I imagine, on organ or keyboard). Big Brother was amazed at how many settings of "Taste and See" there are--this is the third one he has learned since he began playing with our group at Easter. But the words to that psalm are wonderful--and we should sing them often.

Taste and see the goodness of the Lord; O taste and see the goodness of the Lord.

I will bless the Lord at all times,
his praise ever in my mouth.
Let my soul glory in the Lord.

Let the lowly hear and be glad,
Let us glorify his name.
Together let us praise God's name.

Glorify the Lord with me,
together let us praise his name.
From my fears God set me free.

Look to the Lord and shine in the light,
Let your faces not be ashamed.
The Lord hears the cry of the poor.
Blessed be the Lord.

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