Thursday, April 15, 2010


Two of my kids will be graduating this year: one from high school, the other from eighth grade. And I've got Senior-Mom-itis.

Both my graduates have senioritis pretty badly. My daughter's teachers aren't helping; there's not much homework being assigned these days. And once Big Brother made the commitment to accept the very generous scholarships offered him by LaSalle University, it was like a switch had been flipped.

Turn him over--he's done.

I'm just as bad. Today is report-card-and-conference day at his school. They don't mail these report cards home; parents must show up at school and pick them up. If they want to, they can have a short conference with any of their child's teachers as well. I usually take advantage of that. There's almost never a problem, but it is nice to go in there and hear nice things about my kid from several teachers. Conference day is good for my ego.

I think, though, that my ego's going to survive without today's conferences. Big Brother has three A's and one B in his four classes. He's only got six weeks more of school. He's done. And I'm done. I'm proud of his hard work and thrilled that he's been accepted into a good college and rewarded for his studies and other commitments. So I'm going to pick up his good report card, thank the secretary who's handing them out at the door, and head back home.


Aimee said...

nothing wrong with that! Nice work, Big Brother :)

Michelle said...

Congratulations to Big Brother - and to the parents who helped get him there.