Monday, May 24, 2010

More Study Needed

I'm not sure Little Brother has a future ahead of him as a meteorologist.

"There's a 40% chance of rain today," he told us this morning. "Mom, how much percent do you think it's going to rain?"

Middle Sister told him that it doesn't work that way, but he's insisting that the possibility of rain is somehow related to the percentage of people who think it's going to.


brother Joseph, SFO said...

Kids can teach us a lot! Jesus said, "Children like these fill the Kingdom of Heaven". He tells us also that "Unless you become like a little child you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven" indicating we must learn to be like them, learn from them. What a wonderful teaching your son gives us all. Thanks for your post. I am also a Secular Franciscan - have been one for 30 years. Maybe you can visit my blog and tell me what you think. Peace and all good to you and your family! I will be following your blog myself!

Kristi said...

Well if a bunch of people think its going to probably will:)