Sunday, May 09, 2010

Shiny New Learning Curve

Happy Mother's Day!

I had little doubt in my mind that my family would give me a Mother's Day gift of some electronic item. There's a history's either electronics or a gift card.

My husband went a lot overboard this year and presented me with a shiny new laptop. Brand-spanking-new with a whole different operating system and everything. Hello, Windows 7!

I was instructed to go to the store sometime soon and purchase a book about how to use Windows 7. My husband has dealt with my frustration over learning new operating sytems in the past (cough, cough...Windows XP...Windows 98...Windows 95...) and while he loves giving techie gifts, he doesn't love it when I'm stuck in that learning curve.

Right now he is in the middle of backing up all my pictures and documents and what-have-you from the old computer, which my mom will inherit. I, on the other hand, am getting used to a keyboard with things in different places (where are you, DELETE key?) and these flat keys. Ooops. I keep hitting the wrong things and turning on the caps lock when I want the shift, and...oh my, what are THOSE keys for?

If I'm late for tomorrow's routine mammogram, it's because I was busy playing.


Aimee said...

Nice!! Enjoy your shiny new baby :).
And Happy Mother's Day!

Brother Charles said...

I've been on Windows 7 since January, and I've been fairly pleased. And I hope your Mothers' Day was blessed indeed.