Friday, May 21, 2010

Suddenly, it all makes sense

Little Brother is on his third lunchbox of this school year, and I'm hoping it will make it through four more weeks.

He doesn't lose them; he beats them to death.

And I had no idea how that was happening, until yesterday. When I arrive for my library volunteer time, the primary and intermediate age groups are out playing after lunch. I always go onto the playground and get a hug from Little Brother before heading into the school.

Yesterday they were playing kickball. It looked like a fun game, and I was watching Little Brother as he had his turn to kick. Another boy was jumping up and down on first base--also known as little Brother's lunchbox.

That explains it.

Guess I'll be buying lunchboxes in bulk next year.


Aimee said...

heehee! Our boys at school use their lunchboxes as the ball, not the bases, but the effect is the same I'm sure!

scmom (Barbara) said...

Lunch boxes in bulk are called brown paper bags. ;-)

Barb, sfo said...

Barb, that's true, but I like the "thermal" lunchboxes that will keep stuff cold. Little Brother takes things like tuna and sliced strawberries in his lunch, so a thermal box keeps the food at a safe temperature until he eats it.

Even Big Brother has a lunchbox, but I have to put a brown bag IN it. Lunch is in the brown bag, icy pack in the lunchbox. So his sandwich and drink stay cool. At lunch he goes to the locker, takes out the brown bag and saves his dignity.

Of course that all went out the window when I figured out how to make the pizza lunchables. He no longer worried about dignity or lunchboxes, LOL!

Maia said...

I am sitting at my table on a Saturday morning (Korea time) drinking my coffee and reading blogs while my boys (still both under 3) play. When I read this, the coffee nearly came out my nose. Love my life with boys! Thanks for sharing this story (and letting me know what I have to look forward to!)