Saturday, May 21, 2011

In Case of Rapture, We're Planning a Sleepover

Big Brother just finished telling Little Brother and Adventure Boy all about the Rapture that's scheduled to happen just before 6 PM Eastern, according to Harold Camping of Family Radio. The boys considered the possibilities.

Little Brother (to Adventure Boy): Sleeping over tonight?

Adventure Boy: YEAH!...oh wait, there's not gonna BE a tonight.

Little Brother: You can just stay here for the rest of your life.


Michelle said...

Too funny!

My oldest was serving the 5pm Mass, he figured church was the best place to be at 6 yesterday :)

4narnia said...

hi Barb!
kids are so funny sometimes! i, too, was at a 5:00 pm Mass last night. as i was cleaning up after Mass in the sacristy, one of the Friars informed me that there were about 2 minutes left till 6:00 pm and to enjoy the time we had left. lol! :-)

noreen said...

Well, I guess there is always someone who thinks they've been given the divine knowledge of the rapture and forgetting that Jesus said NO ONE will know the time. I heard he rescheduled it to Oct. ;)