Monday, May 19, 2008

A New One On Me

Over the years I have gotten fairly used to people's weird comments about my kids' age spread (they're 16, 12 and 6).

Not like it's any of their business, but people can't seem to help themselves but comment about these things.

Normally people insinuate that someone was, um, "unplanned" (and I'm putting that way more charitably than they usually do). And for the record, nobody was.

But today, there was a new one. I was sitting there in the dentist's chair, captive, while she waited for my mouth to get numb, and she asked how old my kids are now. So I told her.

"Oh....Are they all from the same marriage?"

"Yes, they are," I told her, and I left it at that. Fortunately, so did she.

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