Friday, May 02, 2008

Middle Sister Might Get a New Nickname

...and it might be "Crash."

She spent several weeks this winter in a boot after suffering a severe ankle sprain in a gym class accident. (Some other klutz in her class fell on her foot and toppled her over.) Weeks of PT later, she was back in fine form, just in time for the very end of basketball season, most of which she missed.

Two weeks ago she fell down a short flight of stairs and put out her hand to break her fall. Two x-rays show no break, but she's still in pain. An MRI is pending.

This morning when I was sitting at The Diner Formerly Known as Burger King with Ellen, enjoying an after-breakfast cup of coffee (by the way, Ellen, don't you think that diner needs bigger coffee cups?) when my cell phone rang. The school nurse was calling to tell me that Middle Sister had fainted in the middle of First-Friday Mass. Fortunately there were lots of teachers and at least two nurses in the congregation so she had plenty of help.

This afternoon I took her and Little Brother for their well visits (how convenient was that?) and the doctor suspects that she fainted due to dehydration. He said he sees a lot of kids around her age, both genders, who have this problem. They get busy and forget to drink enough. She also had a hemoglobin test, which was a little on the low side, so in addition to chugging Gatorade (SUCH a sacrifice for her!) she will be adding a vitamin with iron to her routine.

She doesn't understand why I won't get her a trampoline.

And I need to thank her homeroom teacher, who reportedly climbed over the pew to help her out when she fainted this morning.

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