Friday, January 09, 2009

Customer Service At Its Finest

I am sitting here "on hold" with my husband's doctor. He asked me to call and reschedule an appointment he has for early next week.

So I am listening "to the entire menu as our options have changed..." (the menus always say that. But the options always sound the same to me! And by the time I get to the last option I forget which number I should have pressed.)

If I want to reschedule an existing appointment, I am to press 2. (did that)

"You have reached the rescheduling department of (name of doctor). If you wish to reschedule immediately, please press 0. Otherwise, after the beep, leave the patient's name, telephone number, date of birth and date of appointment, and call back in a few hours to reschedule your appointment."

You have got to be kidding me! I have to leave you all that data in your message and you can't be bothered calling me back?

I pressed 0 and got a very miffed-sounding secretary who grudgingly rescheduled the appointment.

This had better be one fantastic doctor, because the office procedures and staff leave much to be desired.

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