Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thinking Of My Chili Buddy

I'm making a batch of "game day" chili for dinner today. And I'm missing a young friend of our family. She hasn't been around lately to help me make the chili--a task she always enjoyed and volunteered to do.

She's been held in my Pocket Rosary for months now--the "young family friend who could use as many prayers as possible." I'm not in touch with her and have not been since I saw her last in October, so I have no reason to believe that she doesn't still need those prayers.

So as I chopped the celery and onions, rinsed the beans, browned the meat, and added the spices, I prayed for my chili buddy. I'll do so again every time I stir the chili.

May she find her way. And may God keep her safe.

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