Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Spiritual Exercise

All that recuperating I've been doing this year hasn't been so great for my waistline. So with the beautiful weather today, I knew that I had to just get out and get walking.

Walking by itself, though, is pretty boring. Unfortunately, there's no one around to be my walking buddy, so I decided that this would be a good opportunity for me to get caught up on the podcasts I keep downloading but don't always get a chance to listen to. So I grabbed a string bag to hold my cell phone, ID, house key and iPod, as well as a bottle of water, and I cued up a two-week-old edition of Among Women, since I've gotten a little behind in listening lately.

Boy, did I luck out. Pat Gohn began the podcast with a discussion about St. Bernadette--how appropriate that I'm listening to her story in May, the month of Mary! And then I got to hear an interview with Laraine Bennett, whose books on temperament are both fascinating and useful. In fact, I want to dive back into them, because I think that a little refresher course will help me understand my kids better. A little awareness of temperament is a really good thing in family relationships.

So now, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's walk! I wonder what I'll get to hear next.

Sarah's on the same page as me--last week she had a guest blogger, the author of The Rosary Workout. Sounds intriguing--especially in May!


Lee Strong said...

I use walking time - particulalry early in the morning - as a time to say a rosary. I have one of those finger rosaries, which makes it easy.

I find that beauty of nature helps with the praying.

Listening to podcasts? Beyond my technical know how!

Maia said...

This sounds like a great idea! I should go sleuthing for some podcasts as walking buddies. And I can't say enough good things about The Rosary Workout!

Sarah Reinhard said...

I love podcasts, and AW is one of my all-time favies. :) Glad you enjoyed Peggy's post. Have you checked out her book? It's phenomenal (not that I've done much more than READ it, mind you...).

Michelle said...

When I have trouble getting out the door to walk...I head for the podcasts, too! Thanks for this recommendation...

Peggy Bowes said...

Hi Barb,

Since you're a Tiber River reviewer, you can get a review copy of The Rosary Workout through Aquinas and More