Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Brotherisms

Because there's only just so much longer that he'll be doing this.

--This morning at the bus stop: "Look! There's an airplane! You don't see that every day."

--After school, I asked him to stop tap-dancing while he ate his pop-tart. "Do you do this in school?" I wanted to know.
"No," he replied. "I hold the hyper in."

--On Halloween decorations: "Mom, we have no Halloween decorations!"
"So?" (We never do. Actually, this year we have 2 carved pumpkins, 4 uncarved pumpkins and 1 ceramic pumpkin. That's a big step up for us.)
"So no one will trick-or-treat at our house!"
"Sure they will. And if they don't, that's more candy for me."
"You mean more Milky Ways for you, Mom." (He knows me.)


Bean said...

Must be an SFO thing - I love Milky Ways - no other candy bar even comes close - for me it is Milky Way or nothing!

Glad you are documenting all the cuteness - as you know they grow up so fast.

Sarah Oldham said...

Love "I hold the hyper in". LOL! You can have the MW's I want the 3 Muskateers! I happen to think they should make Naked Muskateers (just the middle, no chocolate. I mentioned this to Rachel/Teenie and she said, "MUM, there's something seriously wrong with you." Then I thought about what I said. I still want the company to make the candy that way, but not use that name.