Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fashion Emergency

Little Brother's in the middle of one of those growth spurts where an already-slender child suddenly gets taller and even skinner.  So his old pants are too short, and the new ones are too wide.  That's what belts are for, but he doesn't want to hear it.

Friends of ours from church have a son about a year older than Little Brother.  The kid pretty much skipped size 12, growing straight from 10 to 14 in the blink of an eye.  When they offered to hand off a bunch of nearly-new jeans and pants to us, I was happy to accept, and I offered to look through our bins of Big Brother's old stuff to see if we had anything that would fit this tall young man.  That trade worked out for everyone.

Yesterday Little Brother and I went through his drawers of clothing and took out the things that are too small for him now.  I put in several pairs of new jeans and cargo pants.  This morning he tried on three or four pairs, loudly discarding all of them as "too big," "too hard to button," and/or "too baggy."

Middle Sister's attempts at a fashion intervention fell on deaf ears.  Little Brother finally emerged from his room wearing sweat pants.

"Don't just give up and put on sweat pants," Middle Sister groaned.

He protested, "They're not sweats!  They're Athletic Pants!"


Ellen said...

You always brighten my day with a Little Brother post.

Daria Sockey said...

this is exactly where we are with a 5'8" , 122 pound boy who is too tall for a boys 18/20 and too thin for the smallest men's pants. (and like your son refuses to wear belts.)Stores stock very few of those "student size" pants with a 28 inch waist and a longer inseam. And they are expensive. And if the thrift stores get any of these, they are likely to get lost in the women's rack. I'll be so glad when his waist hits 30 inches.

Anonymous said...

Oh funny, I lol'd. :)

My already slender daughter just recently spurted up this way, she now looks skinnier than ever before. Skin and bones that one. I actually looked at her and thought to myself "oh dear, am I starving my own daughter?" Thankfully my husband stepped in with some reassurance before I made any attempt to spoon feed her the fat I was skimming off our soup broth. ;)