Saturday, March 31, 2012

Psychic Hotline

Now that she's a sophomore in high school, Middle Sister's been getting a bunch of college mail.  Most of it is postcards directing her to visit college websites, but yesterday she got a big envelope with a folder full of papers inside.

That impressed her.  She actually opened it instead of just tossing it aside like she does with the postcards.  She asked me if I knew where this university was, and I told her that it's near where TheDad works and that one of Big Brother's friends had gone there, as had the friend's older brother.

She asked what the friend had studied at this university.

"Psychology, I think," I replied.

"What IS psychology?" asked Little Brother.

"The study of the mind," I answered in a fake-mysterious tone.

"He's gonna be a PSYCHIC?"


Nancy said...

I like Little Brother...he and I think alike!

Ellen said...

Oh yeah, he made me smile on a rainy Saturday morning. Thanks!