Sunday, April 08, 2012

Some Easter Randomness

Because when you've been up since 4 AM (for no good reason whatsoever), random is as good as it gets.

I haven't slept past 5:15 in a week.  Anxious much?  Why yes, yes I am.  I'll know tomorrow when my surgery is scheduled.  It'll be either the 16 or the 23, the doctor thinks.  If I don't start getting some sleep soon, I'll be pushing for the 16th, just so I can get some rest faster!

I put together the Easter baskets last night, and delegated the Hiding of the Eggs.  There was a little obsessive checking this morning to make sure that the eggs had, indeed, been hidden.

Big Brother and Middle Sister were both awake when I went to bed last night.  I'm pretty sure they didn't inspect the Easter baskets, because Big Brother's basket still contains eggs filled with candy (I checked that too.)  Middle Sister gets annoyed that her brother doesn't want to hunt for eggs anymore, and last year she emptied his basket and hid all the eggs before he woke up.  We were still finding them early this year (M&Ms. Still good.  Finders keepers.)

I took Little Brother to the outdoor portion of the Easter Vigil last night.  In our parish, the Boy Scouts are in charge of the Easter fire.  Who better to ask?  They know how to build fires, and they know how to "leave no trace" later.  Plus, they're happy to stick around when everyone else has processed into church, and tend that fire until it's out.

Is that an awesome Easter bonfire or what?  People were a lot closer when they first gathered around, but they stepped back pretty quickly.  It was a windy night.

Once everyone was in church, the Scouts brought out the marshmallows and the campfire-pie maker.  Last night's flavor of choice:  apple.  The Scout families and a few friends enjoyed Holy S'mores, featuring imported German chocolate with chili and hazelnuts along with marshmallows toasted over the Easter fire.  Not only do our Boy Scouts know how to make a fire, they know how to cook.

I always encourage parents of little children to bring them for the "Easter fire" part.  But this year it was a little disappointing.  It felt like the Reader's Digest Condensed Version of the Easter Fire.  I don't know if it was the new translation (I doubt that) or what, but there was no assembly of the Easter candle with the little pegs representing the wounds of Christ and the inscription of the year.  That's a fascinating thing for kids (and grownups) to see.  Kids can see the candle being assembled.  Then in church they can go look at it more closely after Mass.  It's something they'll see all year.  Last night, though, there were no little pegs on the candle and the outdoor portion was over in 5 minutes.  It took longer for everyone in the assembly to get their candles lighted and get inside.

We're playing at the 10:00 Mass this year.  That'll throw my whole day off...I'll get home and think it's 1:30.  Some people in our folk group are not "morning people" so this could get interesting.

And if my surgery is next Monday, this will be the last Mass I play for a while.  I won't be able to hold a guitar for a few weeks, and the day before surgery I'll be stuck in the house on a clear liquid diet, so I'll have to hit the 8:00 Mass.  So in a way, I'm hoping for the 23rd so I can play one more week before my little hiatus.  I can't help it; I'm just crazy like that.  Playing guitar in church--that's what I do.  It's a huge part of me.  It's a huge part of how I pray.

So today, I am going to relish every song, every "Alleluia," every chance to lift my voice and glorify God.  Even when the songs and settings are not my favorite ones (and many, today, are not); even when the politically-correct lyric revision distracts (and it will); even when we no longer can sing "The Happy Gloria" because, to our knowledge, it hasn't yet been revised to match the New Translation; even with all of that, it's a privilege and a joy and a gift to do what I do, with the talented musicians and singers in our folk group who have become my close friends over the years.

All together now:  "Alleluia!"


Brother Charles said...

Great fire! Happy Easter!

Mimi said...

What a beautiful fire indeed! Christ is Risen!