Monday, October 15, 2012

An Open Letter to the High-School Principal

As the principal, I'm sure you get plenty of emails from parents that concern complaints and problems. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know of the very positive experience I had today with a group of students from your school.

My daughter had asked if we could host a pasta party for the JV girls' soccer team. When the girls arrived after practice today, they immediately began thanking us for hosting and asking if they could help in any way. I'm sure I heard the words "thank you" at least three times per student:  when they came in, when they got their dinner, and when they departed. Everyone was respectful of me and my home. They enjoyed each other's company and were a pleasure to have as our guests. The girls on this team were a credit to their families and to the school.

This is my seventh straight year as the parent of a student in your school, and I have come to expect nothing less of the young people you help to educate.

I emailed this letter to the principal after this evening's pasta party. I know this was a small matter, but it was wonderful to have such a positive experience--it really made my day.


Bean said...

I am sure the principal will be very appreciative of the extremely positive email you sent him. People are so quick to complain, and not so quick to send kudos.

Nice email, and what a great sounding group of young women :)


nicole said...

What a joy! I am sure the principal will walk away from the day remembering this email above any others. What a gift for all of you.

noreen said...

I'm sure your email to the principal made his/her day! They need to hear the positive comments just as much as the constructive criticisms!!

Diane's blog said...

As a secretary in a catholic elementary school I can assure you that this letter will be appreciated. As a member of the same school community (this year is my 10th...though we had a 4 year hiatus ) I am very proud of our students! It's a great place for our kids to spend their high school years. So glad IOU had such a nice experience.