Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heartbreaking, Heartwarming

In case you missed it, Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation yesterday, stating that he no longer has the strength of mind and body to carry out the duties of his office.

This had to be an extremely difficult decision for the Pope. My feeling is that he did not want to leave the Church "unshepherded" in any way due to his own physical decline. It was heartbreaking to watch Pope John Paul II as his illness swallowed him up. This will give Pope Benedict the opportunity (if asked) to serve as a mentor to his successor, and it gives a wonderful example to the world of how to bear with great dignity, and even generosity, the indignities that come with the aging process.

It is telling, I think, that he has announced his decision to spend the rest of his life dedicated to prayer. In a fast-paced world, that is an excellent reminder to the Church of the importance of prayer, something which it is all too easy to neglect when things get busy--or we just get lazy.

I am saddened that it had to happen, but I believe that Pope Benedict made his decision with the good of the Church foremost in his heart.

As to the insinuations I have heard that he is running away from the sexual-abuse scandals, it's hard to believe that this would be the case. He's not the type of person to run away from a challenge or to walk away when the going gets tough. There is a difference between that kind of escapism and the simple acceptance of the fact that his physical condition will no longer permit him to carry out the duties of the office.

And to those who think that this is an opportunity to in some way "modernize" the Church, I will just say that my prayer is that the next Pope will be faithful.

I pray for Benedict XVI and for his successor, and for the Church.

image credit:  Kelly Wahlquist


Sara said...

My husband was surprised that he's not returning home to Germany which is what he wanted to do before his election. I think living a life of seclusion and prayer is really the only course for a Pope Emeritus. I can't imagine him returning to anything like a "normal life" like a former president does.

I think you're right--the new pope will be faithful.

Bean said...

I was thinking about the timeing of this, and how well he has planned it.
Just think, he will still be our Pope as we enter into the lenten season, for a bit we will have no pope, and by Easter Sunday a successor should be chosen. And what better time to take over sheperding the church than at Easter?
How humble of our Pope to acknowledge to himself and all of us that he has to step down. Would we expect anything else from such a good and faithful servant?


noreen said...

Hi Barb, I will join you in prayer that our next Pope will be faithful to the teachings of the church! May God bless Pope Benedict as He leads him through this decision.