Wednesday, May 01, 2013

12/Year: April in Review

I have a nice camera, but if it weren't for my iPhone I wouldn't have ANY pictures at all most of the time!
I'm linking up with Barbara's 12 a Year.

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 Evidence of an afternoon well-spent. We went to Tampa, Florida for a few days during Easter vacation. Fun in the sun!
Beautiful sunset over the Gulf.

Little Brother worked on his Science Fair report. For his project, we baked together!

The very first lilacs of the season.

Little Brother, at the dollar store:  "Look, Mom, a really big toothbrush!"

Kitchen equipment--needed to feed 125 people dinner for 5 days during Tech Week at the high school. The "play parents" make sure the kids have a good, hot dinner before those extra-long rehearsals. This year, I was the Dinner Mama.
The pool's open! (Yes, he knows it's only April. He'd open it on the first day of spring if he could.)

Polar Bear Plunge, April 23. The water was 55 degrees. The air was 50 degrees.
Middle Sister got her hair done for prom. She looks great in curls!

 Middle Sister on her way to prom!

All packed up for the first night of Tech Week dinners. My garage looked like an episode of "Hoarders:  The Restaurant Edition."


Barbara said...

Great month! Such a pretty girl. Thanks for sharing her. ;-)

I thought that last pic was packing for vacation! Holy cow!

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Not vacation. The school let us use the kitchen and cafeteria but we could not leave even one thing there. I had to haul it all there and back each day.

Aimee said...

that is some amazing dinner dedication, mama! And what is it with kids a freezing water? Do they not even sense the frigidity? My kids were asking me to go swimming once it was 65 degrees here. I need it to be at least 80!