Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Define "Homework"

Every day, Middle Sister comes home from school and I ask about homework. Usually she has some; not too much. She gets it done and packs it up. So, I think, it's all good.

Today she was hunting for poster paper, an old magazine, and some glue for a "project" she had to do for one class. It was a kind of scavenger hunt--she had to cut out representations of certain terms. I told her where to find the items she needed, and she headed up to her room to turn on some music and get to work.

Three hours later, she finished her "project." Then she complained that it had taken her three hours.

"Um, how long have you known about this assignment?" I wondered. "Did your teacher just assign this today?"

"No, she told us about it two weeks ago," she answered.

"But every day I ask you about homework, and some days you tell me you don't have any. You could have been working on this."

"This wasn't homework. This was a project!"

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