Sunday, September 13, 2009

When he sits still know something's not quite right.

Little Brother and TheDad didn't get their usual seat in church today. Instead, they sat in a different pew where I could actually see them (normally my view is blocked by the altar and pulpit.) During the homily, Little Brother was hanging all over TheDad. This is not abnormal in itself, but usually Little Brother is much more wiggly. This time he was just sort of hanging there. Big Brother noticed it too, and whispered to me that Little Brother looked really tired. I wondered if his cheeks were also flushed, or if it was just shadows from the lighting.

But as the afternoon has worn on, it's becoming clear that Little Brother is just not feeling quite right. He's alternated between playing (somewhat crabbily) and lying around. He felt a little warm earlier but didn't have a fever, and now is complaining of a headache. After he hung all over me for a little while, he got himself up and went outside to play basketball with Middle Sister. That lasted a whole five minutes before he came in complaining that she's being mean, and hit the couch again.

I guess I'll be breaking my "no shopping on Sunday" rule, because we're almost out of milk, and tomorrow I might have a kid home sick from school.

UPDATE: Well, whatever it was, it has come and gone. Little Brother had a fever last evening but he woke up feeling "ok." I kept him home anyway and by midafternoon practically had to SIT on him to keep him quiet. So he's all set and ready to go back to school tomorrow.

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