Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Final Resting Place

Little Brother wandered outside to kick his soccer ball, but came running in after only a minute or two. "Big Brother, you ran over a bird," he declared.

Big Brother hadn't driven anywhere today, and we hadn't seen a dead bird in the driveway earlier (though three birds have flown into the front window already today. They could make one of those Windex commercials here!)

Middle Sister convinced Little Brother that since Big Brother will be off to college soon, Little Brother is going to have to be "the man of the house." So he grabbed Big Brother's army shovel from the back seat of his car (do I want to know why that's there?) and set out on a bird-removal mission.

The next thing I knew, Little Brother was walking toward the house, carefully balancing a dead sparrow on the end of the shovel blade. "Don't bring it in here," we yelled.

Middle Sister told him to put the bird under the big tree out front and bury it. Instead, Little Brother dumped the bird under the bird feeder and tossed a couple of shovelfuls of mulch on top of it, then banged on the whole thing a few times with the shovel.

Lovely. Just wait until the mailman trips over it tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

A future funeral director???