Sunday, June 06, 2010

What Kids Think About in Church

Grownups are not the only ones prone to distraction in church. Case in point:

As Father H began his homily today, he mentioned that he was going to use a Really Big Word: Transubstantiation. Little Brother's eyes opened wide. That's a BIG word! I grabbed a pen and wrote it on the front of his "Magnifikid" so he could see just how big it is.

He pondered the word for a few seconds, then poked Big Brother to show it to him. Then he appeared to be sitting and listening nicely--until he tapped me on the arm and whispered, "Do cones have vertices?"


nicole said...

During one homily, from my 6 yo son:

What's 200 + 200?

Do snakes have bones?

Are we going to a restaurant after Mass?

I had to tell him he could only ask questions about church.

Jeanne said...

One time I was at my old church in New York up in the choir loft. It was a really, really boring sermon. Hard to stay awake. I saw a woman writing vigorously. I thought "Wow she's diligent." I leaned over to see what pearls of wisdom she was gleaning that I missed. Here is what I saw:

Monday - meatloaf
Tuesday - chicken
Wednesday - pork chops


So it's not just the kids!