Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Germ factory? Or just a hard day in kindergarten?

Too early to tell. But Little Brother is definitely "off" today. It's like I have a little Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde on my hands. One minute he is smiling and dancing and wanting a snack. The next minute he is a puddle of tears over something that ordinarily would just be cause for a minute of whining.
He doesn't have a fever and his appetite is fine. But his eyes don't look quite right to me.
I guess it's time to play "wait and see." Certainly he's had ample exposure to germs. Hopefully he's just tired, and a good night's sleep will do him plenty of good.

UPDATE: Thanks, he seems to be fine. So I guess it was more "overtired" and less "unhealthy." I'm glad about that! And I wonder if he ever falls asleep during Rest Time at school! He's a busy guy, and including the bus ride, he's putting in an 8-hour day.

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