Sunday, November 09, 2008

Leaving Mass Early; Why Got at All?

Last night I arrived at church for the end of the 5:00 Mass to help Big Brother with a fund-raiser. I got there just before Communion, and was appalled to see the steady stream of people out the door during the Communion hymn. Yes, the parking lot is a nightmare, but more than 1/4 of the congregation disappears after Communion--on a regular basis.

This is OK? Apparently they think so.

While I was waiting there, one of the religious education coordinators confided to me that some parents of children in religious education have complained that she is "making them go to church." These are children who are in line to receive sacraments this year.

Would you let your child skip school, day after day and week after week, but still demand that he graduate? This is no different.

I don't have any answers to these issues; I'm really just ranting here. Both of them make me sad.

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