Friday, December 11, 2009


That Notre Dame's reputation as a "sports school" reaches even to second-graders.

Little Brother was showing off how he can do the math skill of "regrouping" (when you have more than 10 ones, so you add 1 to the tens and subtract 10 from the ones.) I asked him if he knew what to do when you had more than 20 ones.

"You can't do that, Mom. You can only have 10 extra ones when you're regrouping."

Clearly, I am ignorant in the ways of second-grade math. "I guess I'm not smarter than a second-grader," I joked.

"Go back to college, Mom," he shot back.

Those are fighting words.

Putting on my best Dick Vitale imitation, I reminded him, "I finished college, pal, and I also have an Advanced Degree. I went to Notre Dame on a full scholarship, babyyyy."

"What did you play?"

Notre Dame, you've got some work to do. It's time to reclaim your reputation as more than a football factory.

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