Monday, July 05, 2010

A Good Deal

It always gives me a little lift when I get a great deal on something. And today's Walgreen shopping trip: SCORE!
I did this in two transactions so I could roll over some Register Rewards on the second purchase.

First purchase:
3 10-packs Papermate pens, 19 cents each
3 5-packs Papermate automatic pencils, 19 cents each
1 Milky Way, 49 cents (with store coupon)
1 pack looseleaf reinforcements, on clearance for 60 cents
Gillette Fusion razor, on sale for 9.89

less a $4 coupon for that razor brought the total to:  8.97 with tax.

And I got a $5 Register Reward, which I rolled over to buy:

1 4-cup coffeemaker for Big Brother to take to college, on sale for $7.99.  After that $5 RR, I paid $3.55 out of pocket for the coffeepot.

My total OOP was  $12.52

My total savings including Register Reward, manufacturer coupon, and store sale was $18.19

Except for the Milky Way (mine!) and the reinforcements (needed for my sheet music for church), all of that went right into Big Brother's Box of Stuff to Take to College.  Not bad!


Michelle said...

After a huge $$ shop at Wegman's yesterday, I envy your savings. But it was good to restock the shelves at home!

Ellen said...

Bargains - always a good day at the store.

Dorian Speed said...

Are you an avid couponer? (couponista?) I am very inconsistent about it. We have one grocery chain here (HEB) plus Target, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens. I suppose I could find bargains at Walgreens if I were more patient and made regular trips, but it always seems like their everyday prices are much higher. I commend you on your frugality!