Thursday, July 08, 2010

Keeping an Eye on Things

With the pool in the yard up, running and, as predicted, attracting all the neighborhood kids (as well as some who live outside our zip code), I am in full Multitasking Mom mode. That means that in addition to being Kool-Aid Mom, Towel Mom (but only for people who live here), Snack Mom, and Referee Mom, I'm also Lifeguard Mom.

As I'm not much of a swimmer, that takes some doing.

It's not too hard when Little Brother and his friends are in the pool, since it's always daylight then. But in the after-dark hours when Middle Sister has friends over, things get a little more complicated.

I'm not sure that the outdoor lighting we have is going to do the job. We've got one little bulb on the back porch that barely lights up the porch, and one floodlight that's great for the fire pit area (though with this hot, dry weather we've banned fires for the time being, much to the Boy Scouts' chagrin.) I'd love to hang about ten of these around the perimeter of the back porch, so no matter where in the yard (or pool) the kids hang out, it would be bright as day.  I wouldn't even have to turn on the lights--the motion sensors would do it for me.

Yeah, I'd be popular with the neighbors (about as popular as I'd be with the teenagers.)  But that's a small price for me to pay to have peace of mind!
Disclaimer: The FTC requires me to tell you that this post is related to an upcoming review for which I will be compensated with a free product.


Dorian Speed said...

Do you have one of those pools that you can collapse and then set up in the yard? I don't really understand how those work. Do you leave it filled all summer long? We are in south Texas and it seems like it would get really hot, along with becoming a breeding ground for the mosquitoes that have taken over the entire city. But our next-door neighbors have one and seem to enjoy it, so I must be missing something.

Barbara said...

Our flood light can be directed in multiple places (well, only one at a time) -- can you direct yours toward the pool instead of the firepit? Or how 'bout some fun Chinese lanterns? ;-)

Milehimama @ Mama Says said...

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Thanks, milehimama!

Barb, I'm not sure if the light will reach all the way over there, since part of the back porch is in the way--but I'll give it a shot!

Dorian, it's an above-ground pool but not an inflatable/removable one. This one has a filter (that required an electrical line, a permit and an inspection!)