Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Five: School's In Edition

Just what's on my mind this week:

1. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the new art teacher at Little Brother's school, who sent home a note today asking for each child to bring an old, oversized T-shirt to school to use as a smock. My kids have ruined more uniform shirts in art class because the previous art teacher never had the kids cover up. I've never met this art teacher and I like her already!

2. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the pastor at Little Brother's school, who told the student body this morning, "I usually say this to people getting married, but since all of you are going to be priests or nuns, I'm going to teach you this right now." Way to go, Father, for this vocation plug. Sure, it was lighthearted, but any way the idea gets into the kids' heads that this is a good, acceptable, desirable thing is good in my book.

3. I'm looking forward to being the Tuesday Morning Library Helper at Little Brother's school. This will be my fourth year at the library. If you, like me, want to help out at your kids' school but are put off by PTA cliques, I encourage you to find another way to volunteer. In my case, it was in the library and I have a great time there.

4. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Middle Sister's school for hosting a classy Freshman Parent Meeting on the first day. Unlike Big Brother's Freshman Parent Meeting four years ago, this one did not feature designer alcoholic beverages. (I'm thinking that the current principal is not so interested in schmoozing at this event!) Instead, we had "geographical breakout sessions" designed to help parents organize after-activites carpools and just get to know each other. Nice job!

5. Big Brother sends me, on average, 1 text message per day. At least I know he's alive out there in Philly. And sometimes those messages are unsolicited by me. I miss hearing from him more regularly, but that's the breaks, I guess. Big Brother, if you're reading, take pity on your poor mom and give me a call or send an email! I'm not so fabulous at the whole text-message thing, though my skillz are improving.

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