Friday, August 19, 2005

Brings Back Memories

I found out about a new blog by a high-school religion teacher, and I'm quite impressed.
It brought back memories of my first year teaching. I'm certified to teach Spanish and English, but I was hired to teach Spanish and Theology! AAACK! My only Theology qualification is that I'm a practicing Catholic. NOT enough, but it was enough for a start, and enough to get me hired.
I had Freshman Spanish and Sophomore Theology: Catholic Morality.
What WERE they thinking? That is not where you dump the clueless but idealistic first-year teacher!
"Anonymous Teacher Person" seems to have it more together than I did at that point and I'm enjoying reading about what she's accomplishing with her students.
Hat tip to Amy Welborn for the link to this blog.

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Smiley603 said...

Gosh, it brought back memories of those long past days of beginning teaching. Each year brings its challenges but nothing is quite so nostalgic as that first year.