Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Am Not a Soccer Mom...and I Vote

I'm a Catholic wife and mother of 3, a homemaker and a Secular Franciscan.

All of those things come into play when I consider the upcoming elections.

I've got one week to choose the candidate I feel best represents my views on what's good for our nation and our world (because anyone who thinks that this election only affects this country is living in a dream world.)

I'm not a soccer mom. For one thing, I don't have the wardrobe for it. And none of my kids play soccer! So it's not about soccer moms and how they supposedly vote. If they vote pro-choice, I'm definitely not a soccer mom!

Maybe the Kitchen Madonna has it right in describing the new voting demographic as the Apron Mom. I've got the wardrobe for that. I own several aprons and wear them proudly. They are my uniform when I work around my home, doing laundry, cleaning up, cooking and baking for my family.

It's a good idea to link aprons to elections. Aprons are worn by people who serve others. We need to remember that our elected officials are to do just that--serve the people of our nation! And we have been given the responsibility of choosing the ones who will serve us.

I can never support a pro-abortion candidate. I would like to find a candidate who is not only prolife when it comes to abortion, but also carries this view across the board: anti-death penalty; anti-assisted suicide; anti-euthanasia, anti-embryonic stem cell research. I would like to find a candidate who knows what it means to serve, and that to do so can be both a blessing and a burden, and who is not afraid to seek divine guidance when making those important decisions.

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