Thursday, January 03, 2008


Tonight we sat down to our dinner of Beef Paysanne, noodles, and green beans.

Big Brother wanted to know, midway through the meal, if I had made this with the leftover Christmas roast beef. (I had immediately frozen what was left of that, because Big Brother cannot be trusted with leftover roast beef in the fridge.)

Middle Sister jumped in: "Mom, I read that recipe you were making, and it called for used meat."

I thought that sounded pretty disgusting. "This meat isn't used! It's leftover!"

Big Brother defended the idea of making dinner from leftovers: "Leftover is not the same as A.B.C.!"

(By the way, I highly recommend the Beef Paysanne, and it's even better if you add 2 cups of sliced mushrooms at the same time as the broth and the wine.)

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