Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Don't Get It

Yesterday Little Brother walked in the front door after school and put down his schoolbag and lunchbox--just inside the door, blocking the entrance. If it's a nice day, and fairly warm, we leave the main door open since there's a storm door.

Shortly afterward, TheDad came home from work with his briefcase and a couple of bags from the sporting-goods store. He stepped over the schoolbag and lunchbox, came in and started packing things for a weekend Boy Scout camping trip.

Big Brother and TheDad went in and out the door, stepping over the schoolbag and lunchbox, as they loaded up the car for camping.

Finally they were ready to go. They said goodbye to me, Middle Sister, and Little Brother, stepped over the schoolbag and lunchbox, and headed out the door.

That's when I realized that this had been going on all afternoon.

They had to see the things in the doorway, as they never tripped. But they never moved them.

If they hadn't directly been blocking the main door, which we have to close and lock at night or whenever we leave the house, how long would those things have sat there?

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