Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bears Have the Right Idea

It's winter. It's cold. The sky is gray and soon some freezing-cold stuff will fall out of it.
My nose is cold. One of my college roommates would say, "That means you're a healthy puppy."
Can I use all this as an excuse for my current mood? I'm just feeling a little down, a lot lazy, and kind of sleepy. And completely unmotivated.
I did exercise today, for half my usual time as I'm nursing a sore knee from all the bending and carrying and stair-climbing involved in helping move the school library from its temporary quarters to its newly renovated home.
I got a couple of errands done that meant I could complete some "easy to put off because they don't affect your ability to live in the house, but annoying if you don't fix them" home-improvement chores.
I mopped the floors (including the Mysterious Sticky Stuff in the kitchen).
I treated myself to lunch at Chick-Fil-A.
I contacted the Vietnam Veterans to schedule a pickup of clothes (mostly mine) that I've cleaned out of closets.
Usually all of those things give me a little lift. But not today.
I am pleased to report that Big Brother let me know he'll be home right after school today, so he can watch Little Brother here while I take Middle Sister to her physical therapy appointment. Amusing a 5-year-old in a waiting room for more than an hour can be torture for all concerned (including the receptionist!) So I will have a chance to sip my decaf coffee and read...hey, wait a minute...I'm reading a really good, but sad, book (The Kite Runner).
I think I just figured out the reason for my mood.
Maybe I'll bring along something funny, or a cookbook, or my current nonfiction read (It's So You: Fitting Fashion to Your Life by Mary Sheehan Warren.)

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