Friday, February 08, 2008

Party Time

Maybe it's appropriate that this event takes place during Lent. I figure it should get me some serious time off Purgatory.

After school Little Brother and I are headed to a birthday party for one of his classmates, in a party headquarters that is reportedly full to the ceiling tiles with Inflatable Jumping Palaces.

Just three days ago, Little Brother slipped on the kitchen floor and injured his mouth--specifically, the gums above his top front teeth. We rushed him to the dentist, who said he's OK, but should eat soft foods for a few days. I'm sure that jumping around in one of those Child Injury Magnets at a place that makes parents sign a waiver before bringing their kids in will be just great.

I'll be watching him like a hawk.

That's good, I guess, since I'm shy at best and events like this cause me to pretty much shut down completely. I can never relax at these school birthday parties. I'm too busy being intimidated. (I'll look good, though; Retail Therapy at Goodwill netted me a pair of "new with tags" Nautica jeans that are just fabulous--and the $4.50 price tag was better than fabulous! Yes, these events bring out the shallow in me. It's just all-around not a good thing.)

Before I leave, I'm taking an Excedrin as a preventative measure. These places are not known for their quiet.

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