Saturday, February 02, 2008

Material Girl

I stopped at a nearby outlet shop today to pick up a couple of pairs of sweatpants for Middle Sister, who is now taller than me and outgrowing all her pants. I told her she could pick 2 pairs. She picked out 1 black pair and 1 of a very pretty "sea green" color. Then she wanted tops....I told her that we were only there for pants. So we paid and went home, and she got busy planning outfits since Monday is a "no uniform day" at school. Then she said, "I have no shirts to match these green pants."

Naturally that set me off on a lecture on frugal wardrobes: "When you buy clothes, you think about what you already have that would match the new things. You don't buy a new thing that matches NOTHING you have and then expect more clothes."

Her answer: "What fun is THAT?"

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