Sunday, September 21, 2008

Prayer Request

TheDad has headed up to "Refineryville" where my in-laws live. Tomorrow morning, early, he will take Pop to the hospital for an aortic valve replacement.

Everyone is nervous. This is a Big Deal. And recovery will be a Big Deal.

I'm holding down the fort here at home, and I'll be making and freezing some individual servings of healthy meals for him to bring up on subsequent trips. Today he took along 2 portions of Chicken Parmesan with pasta. This way, there will be something available for his mom and cousin when they get home from visiting Pop in the hospital.

During Pop's recovery, TheDad plans to spend a couple of nights a week with his parents so he can help with the heavy chores. I'm glad that he is able to do this for his parents. Little Brother will not be so understanding.

Please keep Pop in your prayers in the coming weeks--but especially tomorrow. And don't forget a spare prayer for the rest of us who worry about him!

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