Sunday, September 14, 2008


That's where I'll be spending a good deal of time this week.

TheDad has determined that his at-home computer work requires a better place to concentrate than the Dining Room Table.

Not to mention that I keep kicking all his stuff out of there every time we want to eat. Which we do fairly regularly....

We've got a semi-finished basement with a bedroom/office space in the "finished" section. It's about a 12X12 space. Right now it is chock full of bins of clothing for Little Brother to grow into (one bin each for sizes 8 through 14), a whole bunch of Little Brother's old toys, lots of craft supplies that Middle Sister enjoys rummaging through, 2 bookcases of TheDad's computer books and the overflow of my literature books, and miscellaneous camping gear. Then there are the 2 defunct printers, the 1/2 case of printer paper and the paper shredder....this room is not an office. It's a dump!

Except for what I refer to as the "Technology Graveyard," there's no good reason I can't deal with most of what's down there. So I'll be busy cleaning and hauling and offering things on freecycle and throwing out and reorganizing and repurposing--and I hope that pretty soon I will have made a nice office space for TheDad.

I think the printer paper and the paper shredder can stay. Anything else is fair game.

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