Friday, March 12, 2010

If the Suit Fits

I have the feeling that clothing manufacturers are fooling with sizes.

Little Brother inherited all of Big Brother's old stuff that was still in wearable condition.  This included the Communion Suit. I think Big Brother wore it twice.

But Little Brother fit in that suit last August, when he wore it to Pop's funeral. He wore it again on Christmas, and I realized that there was no way it would still fit in May for Little Brother's First Communion.

Big Brother's old suit was a size 7, so I ordered a new suit in size 8. Despite the fact that Little Brother has grown since Christmas and Big Brother's suit is definitely too small for him now, this size 8 is absolutely huge. Well, the jacket is fine--but the pants are quite big.

With a good belt and a hemming job (I can do that!) we can make this suit work. The good news is, Little Brother will have this suit to wear for a good long time to come.

But I just don't get how the jump from a 10-year-old size 7 to a present-day size 8 involves FOUR inches in the waist and three in the length.

I guess they are growing kids bigger these days. However, that doesn't mean I am in favor of anything as silly as taxes on sugary beverages.

But it would make organizing the hand-me-downs a lot easier if manufacturers kept their size standards, well, standard.


Brother Charles said...

Congratulations to Little Brother on his first Holy Communion!

Amy Giglio said...

Did you know that clothing manufacturers made all women's sizes bigger within the last 5 years? This is why all of my skinnier clothes from before I was pregnant with Curly Sue are too small for me, even though they have the same number as the clothes I bought more recently.