Friday, November 17, 2006

Flying High

It's All Airplanes, All The Time at my house right now.

Today I made two trips to a local airport. Big Brother is a member of the Flight Club at his school, and the club was meeting at an airport to take the boys on some short flights. I didn't have the whole day to stay and watch, so I just dropped off and picked up.

Today my kid flew an airplane. He actually took the controls and FLEW THE AIRPLANE. His feet haven't touched the ground since.

This is my cautious child, who 5 years ago would get a stomachache from the prospect of choosing between two fun alternatives. Last night, as Senior Patrol Leader, he conducted his Boy Scout Troop's Court of Honor. Where did all this courage and confidence come from? He is FLYING AIRPLANES.

Little Brother was almost as thrilled as Big Brother. He got to see the traffic helicopter from the local news land. He saw at least 10 small aircraft landing or taking off. He was so close (yet behind the fence) that the pilots were waving at him and he jumped up and down, dressed for the occasion in his "flight commander" sweatshirt and carrying his Hess biplane.

Next Friday we'll be back, because Big Brother won a free 30-minute flying lesson. He can't wait.

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