Monday, November 13, 2006

My Hero

My husband has this amazing ability to detect, from his office 50 miles away from our home, that I'm feeling a little extra fried at the end of some days. So he'll call to say he's on his way (that's my cue to start dinner) and sometimes he offers to just get pizza if I haven't yet started dinner.

And sometimes he goes one better. Today he called to let me know that he'd remembered that we're eating early tonight, because Middle Sister has basketball practice. Middle Sister answered the phone. When she hung up, she said, "Dad said to tell you that he wants to take me to basketball tonight and watch me practice."

This is TOTALLY better than pizza. This is saving me from an hour of sitting on the gym floor (even if I do get to read a really good book while I'm there), and then rushing home to be on time to host the SFO Council meeting. Dinner's easy tonight anyway.

Oh yeah. He's a keeper.

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