Sunday, November 26, 2006


To: My Family
Re: College Football Season

Another season of college football has come to an end for me.

It wasn't a pretty end, either, but the season is over. It was mostly a good season and I'm thankful for that. It's always fun to see your favorite team win. Plus, I know the reputation I've come to have for being impossible to live with slightly disappointed when my favorite team loses. In view of that, I'm sure you are all thankful for Notre Dame's 10-2 record this year.

It would have been better if the season had not begun and ended on ABC. I'm convinced that the ABC announcers have it in for Notre Dame. Last night's "wearing of the Trojan helmet" from the announcers' desk was my first clue that things hadn't changed. So, to Big Brother, who had to listen to my outraged rantings every time the announcers dissed My Team, thank you.

To my husband, Middle Sister, and Little Brother, who went upstairs to watch a game show and play cards so I could watch last night's game without a four-year-old's interference, thank you. (Or was that so Little Brother wouldn't hear Mommy swear?)

To all of you who let me escape for a day when I suddenly had the opportunity to See a Notre Dame Game In Person, thank you. For me, those opportunities come only once a decade, so you're good for several more years.

To Big Brother who makes me great ND sidebars, you rule in Photoshop. Thank you.

To Big Brother's friend (AKA Casanova) who wisely figured out that it's smart to say "Go Irish" around me rather than betray your preference for The Other Team, especially when you sometimes depend on me for early-morning rides to school, smart move. The Irish are the best.

I'm well aware that my fanaticism loyalty to Notre Dame football makes absolutely no sense to any of you. It's what growing up in an Irish Catholic Subway Alumni Family can do to a person. And it got worse when I became a real alum.

So, thanks for putting up with all that. You have Mom back on Saturdays, now. There will be a Bowl Game, but that's subject to our Christmas plans. It's not necessarily Must-See TV.

Besides, basketball season is just getting started.

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