Thursday, July 22, 2010

It beats Bakugan.

Except for the commercials.

Ever since vuvuzela World Cup Soccer has been on TV, Little Brother has been hooked on ESPN. Each morning he wanders downstairs and turns on Sportscenter. Then I have to listen to Mr. Sports Encyclopedia (otherwise known as Little Brother) spout statistics about sports in which I have zero interest while I make his cinnamon toast.

The end of men's World Cup Soccer did not spell the end of Sportscenter around here. He loves that show. He'll sit under his Snuggie and watch it for hours, then run outside and kick his soccer ball around the yard. Once it gets really hot, he finishes up with a jump in the pool.

Sounds like a perfect summer--and it sure beats the Bakugan cartoons he wanted to watch every morning during the school year. But the advertising on Sportscenter is not geared toward your average eight-year-old. At eight-thirty in the morning one day, I nearly dropped a full basket of laundry when I heard a male voice bragging, "And my libido has never been better!"

I do not want to have to answer the inevitable question, "What's a libido?" after Little Brother hears that!

No, I don't know what product was being advertised. I didn't stick around to find out. But I'm sure that if Little Brother ever sees it in the CVS, he'll be the first one to loudly tell everyone what this product can do for someone's libido. Even though he doesn't know what that means.


Ellen said...

Ain't motherhood great???

Barbara said...

You have to watch the content on Sportscenter, too. You never know whose private life is going to be news. And you know what some athletes do in their private life (um, Toger Woods, Ben Roethlisberger)!

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Oh yikes...I guess I won't be investing in those noise-canceling headphones after all. Thanks for that heads-up!

Nancy said...

Oh Barb...this is funny! My son is a Bakugan nut too! Instead of Sportcenter...these days he wants to watch iCarly! I hate the shows that are popular today! Whatever happened to "The Banana Splits", "Speed Racer", and "Underdog"? ****Sigh****

A Secular Franciscan said...

A more important question: Who is the patron saint of soccer?

I've read Sts. Christopeher and Sebastian cited as patron saints of athletes, but never heard of anyone specifically for soccer.