Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Calendar FAIL

I'm usually good at matters involving the calendar. I've got the family calendar in the kitchen, my planner on my desk when I'm home and with me when I'm not, and a church calendar (for reference purposes) hanging above my desk.

People depend on me to be good at calendar stuff. Mostly that's my family, but sometimes it's people outside the family. The folk group, for example. Well, actually, they depend on me to be good at church stuff, but sometimes the calendar is a big part of that.

With every change of seasons in our parish, our music director assigns us to use a different Mass setting. The one we use for that small bit of Ordinary Time between Christmas and Lent is the least familiar, since we only use it at that one time of year. We don't know the Gloria for that Mass setting yet, so we've been using one from a different, more-familiar Mass. One recent week at folk group practice, one musician wondered if we should work on this other Gloria. "Why bother?" I asked. "Lent is in a couple of weeks, and we won't need it then. Plus, with the new Mass settings coming up, we won't be using this one next year."

Then I was reading Sarah's blog yesterday and I discovered that Lent is still FOUR WEEKS away!


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