Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hat Trick

Little Brother has been struggling with cursive writing this school year. Recently, his teacher began requiring the students to write all homework, except for math, in cursive.

So yesterday he got busy doing his spelling homework: use 10 of his spelling words in a sentence. Four or five sentences into the project, he realized that he hadn't done this work in cursive. Much complaining, wailing and gnashing of teeth resulted.

"Just start over and do it in cursive," I advised. Little Brother tends toward the dramatic, and can easily spend more time whining about a job and how difficult it is than it takes to actually get the job done.

He stomped up the stairs. "Cursive writing is the worst," he proclaimed. "Just like showers and haircuts!"


Barbara said...

We have much drama here, too, and 10 sentences in cursive would be a huge trial!

Throwing my hat in the rink! ;-)

Ellen said...

I don't miss those days.

Aimee said...

lol -- showers and haircuts! Sounds like Fiver. :) And those are two of my favorite things (along with naps, which they also hate)!