Thursday, November 05, 2009

Tie Story

It's all about ties around here, all of a sudden.

TheDad works in a rather casual environment. He's more dressed-up than most when he wears chinos and a golf shirt to work. But today he came downstairs wearing a dress shirt with his chinos and asking if I'd seen his tie. He has several ties, but he really only wears one--so I knew which one he meant.

I told him where it was, then added, "That tie doesn't match with those pants."

"I'll change my pants, then," he replied, and went back upstairs. He really likes that tie!

Meanwhile, Big Brother is getting ready for this weekend's Homecoming Dance. Apparently, if you take a date to the dance, you have to make sure your tie matches her dress. (He already did this once, for Prom.) So his date took a picture of her dress with her cell phone, and he went to Burlington Coat Factory to look for a tie. From there, he took pictures of ties with his cell phone until they found one that would work. And here I thought that guys had it easy when it was time for a school dance. Wear a suit, buy flowers, and you're done. Not anymore! Now you have to have a Matching Tie. I hope he really likes this tie, because it's kind of a waste to buy a tie and wear it once. I haven't seen him put on that prom tie again.

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