Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Purple Cement Mixer

On my dining room table right now: salt and pepper shakers, basket of napkins, and a purple cement mixer.

That last item arrived on the table last night, when a cute and charming visiting 3-year-old brought it into the dining room, but was distracted by the tin of cookies for dessert and forgot to take it back out.

I'm not worried that said visiting 3-year-old left here without his favorite truck, because the cement mixer actually belongs to Little Brother, who hasn't played with his cars and trucks in a good long time, but seemed to have plenty of fun with them last night when his younger buddies were here.

I am wondering how long that truck will stay on the dining room table. We're not hosting Thanksgiving dinner, so there's no need to get formal. It might hang here a while.

After all, there's still an Army Guy in my bathroom. There's also a plastic Easter egg on the dining room hutch.

It's just part of the charm around here. And I kind of like it that way.

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