Sunday, October 02, 2005

The 5 Idiosyncracies Meme

The 5 Idiosyncracies of Me(me)
I was tagged by Epiphany for this one. Are you SURE you want to know all my bizarre little behaviors?

1. When I drink tea or coffee out of a mug (rather than my usual travel "sippy cup" with lid) I have to leave the spoon in it, which never fails to alarm my dining companions who think I will poke my eye out despite the fact that my glasses act as a protective shield against any utensil impact.

2. I have a really neat Coca-Cola glass. I like to drink Pepsi out of it.

3. I can multi-task but I cannot multi-noise. If the radio is on in one room, I don't like to hear the TV in the other room. Add to that talking on the phone, and a child talking to me...I lose it.

4. I like to sleep with the windows OPEN and a big pile of covers on. The heavier the better. I have a heavy wool blanket that I fold double thick and put on my side of the bed.

5. When I eat small candies like M&Ms or jelly beans, that come in different colors (not necessarily flavors) I eat them 2 by 2, sorting out by color. I don't like to have odd leftovers so if I have 3 yellows I will eat all 3 at once, then move to another color.

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Amy Giglio said...

I do the spoon in my tea thing too. So does my mom. It doesn't make anyone in my family nuts! ;)

I did this meme on my page too. Thanks for blogrolling me. You're awesome!