Monday, October 17, 2005

Dinner--AND a Show

After dinner, Middle Sister decided to practice her keyboard lesson on the organ in the dining room.
We were serenaded with bits of "Silent Night."
Then she started rummaging around in the organ bench looking for some sheet music, and asked me if I had any Christmas music in there. I told her what book to look for.
She thumbed through it and observed that she had never before seen a Christmas carol book that didn't contain "The Little Drummer Boy."
I had to tell her that most of them don't....
So she played a bit of it by ear on the organ, and did a fairly nice job. She told me she had learned it at keyboard today, without even being taught. Whatever THAT means.
I promised to look through the rest of my music and find the song for her.
Then it was back to "Silent Night."
I asked her, "So what IS in your lesson for this week?"
Her reply: "Lesson?"
LONG pause. TOO long.
"Oh, THAT!"
I resisted the urge to ask her, "You were AT your lesson today, right?" Give Sarcastic Mommy 5 points for stuffing a sock in it!
She mispronounced "Study in G Major" in a manner that I cannot duplicate using a normal keyboard and then proceeded to abandon the whole thing in favor of "Silent Night."
I have to wonder what this kid is like at keyboard lessons!

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